Office Moves

Office relocation is an inevitable part of business for many organisations. Whether it’s a consequence of growth or downsizing, certainly there will come a time when you have to relocate to a new workplace.

Doing this means moving every single thing, including your personnel, PC systems and furniture. While this can be a stressful experience, you can definitely make the process vastly easier and hassle free by using an office moving company.

Our Team Take Care Of Every Detail

At Move Boss, we provide a team of dependable office movers who can handle everything starting with supplying packing materials through to taking everything to your brand new business premises. You take comfort knowing that you’re able to leave everything to our team, if you want. This involves packing and relocating your business, together with unpacking and setting up your brand new location. Our experts even take care of cleaning, recycling and waste removal at your old business, so that you may concentrate on more pressing aspects.

No Hidden Unpleasant Surprises

As a company, we’re well placed to know what other businesses need. Our experts make certain you know every little thing ahead of time: the rates, scheduling and what to expect.

We treat our commercial customers as we would like our own co-workers to be treated — with all the facts, no time-wasting and fantastic service from start to end.

Forward Planning

Preparation is really the secret to any type of successful move. We strongly recommend that you begin planning as early as one to three months in advance of your move if possible, and figure out every part of the process.

Move Boss can certainly give you with expert preparation schedules and our experts are able to offer recommendations and support in order to guarantee a trouble free move.

In the case that you are considering relocating in the near future, please reach out to us now at 02 8599 2274, so we may help you prepare.

Redecorating Your Business?

Not necessarily every move is from A to B. Occasionally you just need to clear out your workplace for improvements or redecorating. We can hold your office equipment in storage or deliver it to a new destination, as well as recycle or donate it. It’s your choice.

Need new office equipment? Our experts can also move these items in for you the moment you are ready to go.

Computer And IT Relocation

Move Boss take care of your IT and computer hardware with the maximum care and according to your work timelines. Our company will be sure that the IT equipment is moved in an efficient manner to permit early reconnection. Consequently, you may have comfort in knowing that your business requirements are looked after.

Every one of our trolleys and cages come with non-static wheels to conserve your hardware.

All IT equipment will certainly be protected and secured inside our special purpose designed cushioned vinyl Velcro sealed computer pouches.

Computer keyboards, mouse, modem and wires are stored in the plastic pouches we offer.

Each PC or display will be labelled and transported as a unit and placed at the appropriate destination point.

All of the computer equipment will be transported in dedicated vans.

Our relocation managers will work closely with your IT representative to see to it that the relocation of such vital items goes smoothly.

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