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Move Boss has been taking care of Removals in Clovelly (incl. locations in between) for several years.

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We appreciate it’s the complete service that is important – from start to finish. Our objective is to provide you with confidence from the start. Giving you assurance that your local or interstate relocation will definitely be in good hands and that your experience with moving with our company will be easy and hassle-free. Get more information on removals compare review around Clovelly.

Your Move To or From Clovelly


With the standard of care, professionalism and reliability our customers have found when dealing with our team, we have formed an exceptional reputation with regard to doing exactly that.


Whether or not your move to or from Clovelly relocation entails a complete home filled with furniture or simply a single possession, our team can take care of it for you. Our company provide a vast selection of interstate relocation services:

• Firstly, our specialist, friendly and experienced team of removalists
• Scheduled collection and drop-off days every week
• Full or part pre-packing services (including wrapping supplies)
• Precious goods relocation
• Insurance coverage for your removals
• Plastic covers if desired, for mattresses along with soft furnishings
• Pick-up and/or delivery into/out of storage units
• Set price rate.

Moving should really be simple and stress-free, why not contact us on 02 8599 2274 to discuss further your relocation to or from Clovelly.

Here’s some of the services that Move Boss can help you with;

Local Moving Services In Clovelly

Local Removals & Local Movers

Here At Move Boss we understand that moving home is a major event in a person’s life and is normally coupled with upheaval, change, new beginnings and maybe a bit of worry. Whether you are moving out of your family’s home into your very first one bedroom house or perhaps a family of 4 moving into a new property closer to the kids’ school, moving is no quick and easy job.

From packing and unpacking, loading and offloading the truck to uncluttering and cleaning; the entire experience will often leave you feeling physically and mentally depleted. This is precisely why our Australian moving experts are right here to take all of the anxiety and stress off of you and help you out, so you may begin organising your housewarming party sooner rather than later. Find out more on removals interstate reviews near Clovelly.

Moving home might be new to you, however it isn’t for our team. It is what our company do every day and we handle it properly. You can relax knowing you are moving with a professional, affordable and reliable company.

Our Staff Realise Your Needs

When it comes down to deciding upon your local removalists, it is important you pick the best one. As experienced local moving specialists, our company believe moving you and your home is much more than just transporting your items from one house to another. It’s the care we take when handling your possessions, it’s showing up on time with the proper equipment and it’s the service that our experts guarantee to give you 100% satisfaction.

With this in mind, Move Boss Australia also recognises that your relocation is unique. Together with several years of experience in removals, our team have certainly perfected a highly effective and budget-friendly removals process that offers the highest care for your possessions.

Therefore, if you’re an IKEA furniture lover, a serious collector of precious stone ornaments or even a proud gardener having dozens of potted plants; we know precisely how to customise your relocation in order to suit you. With options that can be by the hour or a fixed price, our staff can accommodate you.

Why Should You Choose Move Boss?

With Move Boss, you will have complete comfort that your valuables are going to arrive safely, securely and on schedule:

• Seamless door-to-door packing, removals and valet unpacking service in order to save you time, and let you carry on with the rest of your relocation
• Conscientious, caring service from friendly, furniture removal experts
• Highly trained, reliable professional packers and household furniture removalists who all are given ongoing training sessions for continuous improvement
• Cautious loading of your things directly into our shipping containers. Through removing double handling on collection and delivery, we reduce costs and lower the possibility of damage
• State-of-the-art fleet of moving vehicles
• Comprehensive storage and transport insurance in order to safeguard your possessions for that final peace of mind
• Seamless integration with our extensive selection of removalist services, featuring provisional, short-term and long term secure storage and valet services to support prior to moving, with unpacking and settling in.

Speak To Us Today To Find Out More About Our Local Removals

So what are you waiting on? Telephone our team on 02 8599 2274 to talk with any of our exceptionally trained advisers. These experts can work with you to pick the most suitable service to fit your relocation and your budget.

Find out more about our local moving services here.

Office Moving Services In Clovelly

Office relocation is simply an unpreventable part of business for almost all companies. Whether your move is an outcome of growth or downsizing, there certainly will come a time when you have to relocate to a new office space. Doing this means uprooting every little thing, including your team, PC systems and furniture. Whilst this might be a stressful experience, you can definitely make the process vastly easier and hassle free by hiring the services of an office relocation company. Here At Move Boss, we provide a team of dependable office removalists who can handle everything from providing packing materials through to taking everything to your brand new company space. Learn more about commercial moving in Clovelly.

Our Staff Manage Every Little Thing

You can certainly leave everything to our team, if you would like. This consists of packing and moving your business, as well as unpacking and setting up your brand new office location. We also deal with cleaning, recycling and waste clearing at your old office space, so you can concentrate on more important details.

No Hidden Unpleasant Surprises

As a business, we’re well positioned to understand what other companies require. We make sure you are informed of every little thing beforehand: the fees, scheduling and what to anticipate.

We treat our commercial customers as we would want our own co-workers to be treated — with all of the facts, absolutely no time-wasting and good service from start to end.

Forward Planning

Preparation is really the key to any kind of successful relocation. We strongly recommend that you begin planning as early as 1 to 3 months in advance of your relocation if you can, and figure out each element of the process. Read more about removals coast to coast in Clovelly.

Move Boss are able to provide you with expert planning schedules and our experts can give advice and assistance in order to guarantee a hassle free move.

In the case that you are anticipating moving soon, please contact our team now at 02 8599 2274, so we may help you plan.

Renovating Your Workplace?

Not every move has to be from A to B. From time to time you just simply need to clear out your office space for improvements or redecorating. We can hold your office equipment in storage or even take it to a new address, as well as donate or recycle it. It’s your choice.

Require new office furniture? Our movers can also move this in for you the moment you’re all set.

Computer And IT Relocation In Clovelly

Move Boss take care of your IT and PC devices with the greatest care and in accordance with your work schedules. We will ensure that the IT equipment is relocated in an efficient manner to allow for early reconnection. In doing this, you may have peace of mind knowing that your operational needs are prioritised.

Every one of our trolleys and crates have non-static casters in order to conserve your equipment.

All IT equipment will certainly be protected and secured within our special purpose made cushioned vinyl Velcro sealed computer pouches.

Keyboards, computer mouse, device and cable connections are stored in the plastic pouches we provide.

Each PC or computer terminal shall be labelled and moved as a unit and set at the appropriate destination place.

All of the IT equipment will be moved in dedicated vans.

Our relocation managers will work closely with your IT manager to make sure that the move of such items goes smoothly.

You can read more about our office moving services here.

Furniture Moving/Removals Services In Clovelly

It’s common knowledge that moving home or business can be incredibly stressful, and usually the most difficult element of all is transporting furniture. It can easily feel daunting to think about precisely how you’ll be able to take a double bed downstairs, let alone set up again at the next property. Fortunately, the team at Move Boss are specialists when it comes to local area furniture removals. Whether you require assistance transporting furniture for a house or place of work, we’re a number one choice.

The Key Reasons Why You Should Hire Professional Furniture Movers

Whenever you need to move home or your business office, it’s practically impossible to fit your furniture inside your own vehicle or van. Therefore, there are only a couple of ways to move available:

• Renting your own truck; or
• Turning to experienced furniture removalists.

Whilst lots of people think renting a van on their own will save spending on labour, the money saved is most often not worth the amount of time wasted and the stress caused.

Alternatively, employing a comprehensive furniture removals service in Clovelly gets rid of all strain from you. Our experts do all of the hands-on labour and supply the vans so you are able to sit back and simply watch our team set up your new office or home.

What Our Team Offer

Our staff understand that you are seeking remarkable service when you are looking for a local or interstate furniture removals team and that is undoubtedly just what you are going to be given when enlisting our specialist team.

We have the ability to not only supply a van for use, we are furthermore able to supply removalists who are undoubtedly specialists in furniture removal. These experts have been thoroughly trained, they are insured and they will absolutely handle your things as if they were their own.

Don’t Attempt to Remove Furniture On Your Own — Call Up Move Boss!

Lots of home and business owners in Clovelly attempt furniture removals by themselves which nearly always brings about injuries, broken furniture and even holes in the walls as a result of overzealous friends giving a hand. Instead of risking all of that, when you are preparing for any sort of furniture removal, count upon a professional team. Here At Move Boss our team can offer:

• A strong, skilled team who are specifically trained in furniture removals.
• Very low, economical rates both inside your local area and also for long distance relocation.
• Prompt, personalised service that you are able to count upon.
• Furniture removal for both local and interstate removals.
• Up-to-date, well-maintained trucks to quickly and securely move your items.
• A moving checklist that will help make the experience so much more efficient.
• Staff on hand who are happy to address your questions at any stage.

Instead of attempting to remove furniture on your own or roping in a bunch of mates, let the specialists at Move Boss help you out. With our affordable, competitive rates and first class services, there certainly is absolutely no need to go any place else when you require furniture removalists in any state of Australia. Move Boss is the furniture removalist you can count on.

Find out more about our furniture removals services here.

Relocating Possessions To Storage In Clovelly

As part of our moving services, Move Boss offers long term and temporary containerised storage space at throughout all states. Our Australia wide facility offers storage modules, under cover steel containers and high security climate controlled storage units.

Many customers decide to store items either before moving, if abroad or in another state, or when they initially arrive in Clovelly. In all instances, our company provide competitive rates and a standard of care on par with our various other first-rate services.

More Convenient, More Safe and As High As 50% Less Expensive than Self Storage!

Putting your valued things into storage, to be looked after by someone else, could be scary. We recognise that you do not wish to be left thinking about whether your valuables are truly safe and secure. That’s the reason why, through serving to help numerous Australians with their removals and secure storage needs, we’ve developed a storage solution that is not only more secure, but easier and more affordable than self-storage. However, do not be misled by our low fees- price does not command a compromise on the safety or protection of your things. You can lock and leave behind your things with our company with peace of mind because we protect them 24/7.

So How Does It Work?

We will give you a storage container that is specifically for you, and take it to your property.

Next our team will load it and take it to our secure storage warehouse, up until you’re ready for your items to get delivered again.

Save Money

The great thing about this system is that you just pay for your goods to get loaded one time, saving you a huge amount in labour rates. There is no double handling, so you’re potentially cutting down expenses by half.

Our Team Guarantee Your Items Will Remain In The Very Same Condition They Went In

Our experienced removalists employ the best procedures in order to protect your household furniture and goods from mould, dust and transportation. This includes using professional packaging materials, for instance, blankets and special wrapping, at absolutely no additional cost.

Our Company Offer Different Storage Solutions, So You Just Pay For What You Require

• Modular storage containers for small loads
• Half container for medium loads
• Full containers intended for entire home storage (while you’re refurbishing, waiting on settlement, moving interstate or going on a vacation).
• No time limitations — pay daily rate, or months upfront.

Fully Accredited And Covered By Insurance

As an additional precaution, our company can organise insurance. This works to your benefit, because you’ll only have one company to deal with.

These choices offer the greatest flexibility, for whatever position you find yourself in …

Downsizing? We can help your family.

New place isn’t ready yet? We provide reasonably priced storage options.

Just imagine making an interstate move, getting to your new place and finding out it’s not even ready yet. Fortunately, Move Boss can arrange for temporary storage containers within our own storage units in Clovelly or in reliable storage facilities, anywhere you’re headed. We can even store your things briefly when your move-out and move-in days aren’t perfectly aligned.

Find out more about our storage and relocation services here.

Interstate Moving Services To And From Clovelly

Expert Interstate Removals

The idea of moving your things interstate can certainly be enough to cause any person to tear their hair out. Where do you even begin?

It may seem quite a task to embark a new chapter in your life, but feel confident that you can depend on our comprehensive relocation service in order to help make the moving experience a good deal simpler.

By being one of Australia’s most reliable companies for local area and interstate removals, our company go that extra mile in order to make sure your valuables are safely transported and you’re kept informed every single step of the way.

Our customers consist of a number of Australia’s recognised enterprises who depend on us to ensure any relocation of their nationwide staff are cared for and undertaken properly, respectfully and diligently.

Our interstate removal experts are made up of the best people with the right work ethic, training, equipment and processes to make certain that your relocation is both effortless and affordable.

Our Process:

Step 1

We carry out a home consultation to talk you through the moving procedure and ascertain the best moving plan for you. This process usually requires in between half an hour and 1 hour.

Step 2

On the planned moving day, our team visit your home in order to load your things into specific boxes and skilfully prepare and itemise your household furniture.

Step 3

Our removalists will cautiously load your packed things into either a dedicated Move Boss removal van or possibly a steel removal container for transportation and then delivery to your new home.

Step 4

All interstate removal services come with the very careful completion of in-depth packing checklists. All of the items being moved are numbered and noted in order to ensure every single object is accounted for. Read on regarding this topic here.

With regard to those states with domestic quarantine clearance requirements (WA and Tasmania), our company make sure all of your necessary documentation is completed to facilitate quick assessment and clearance.

Step 5

Our staff unload your cartons, re-assemble and arrange your furniture to your request and dispose of any packaging debris or mess.

Additional Services

We pride ourselves on supplying you with as much help and support as you want in order to make your relocation stress free.

We offer pre-packing and unpacking of containers either to counter top or even set up within cupboards, shelving and wardrobes along with our full door to door service by our interstate removal specialists.

If you are brave enough to take on the packing on your own, we can also provide all of the containers as well as wrapping materials needed in order to get you to your new home.

Thus whether you want a comprehensive valet service, relocation and unpacking service or just a relocating service, our team can help you.

Our Company Go the Extra Mile For You

Should you need it, our company can additionally organise the following:

• Relocating your family pets by plane (for interstate relocations).
• Storing of your things at either end of your relocation.
• Support services involving home cleaning and property rental search.
• Vehicle and bike transportation.

Whichever service you choose, feel free to complete the online contact request form, or on the other hand, telephone us on 02 8599 2274 to talk to one of our helpful advisers regarding your interstate removals price estimate.

Find out more about our interstate moving services here.

We can also help you move to and from:

Coogee, Randwick, Waverley, Bellevue Hill, Woollahra, Double Bay, Eastlakes, Waterloo, Redfern, Malabar